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Fits all known commercial valves from 15mm (½") up to 25mm (1")

Supplied in one form

  • Part No. COMPK1 This is supplied in quantities from 4, the minimum order, to as many as required.


This form has all of the components to service one valve packaged together.

  • i.e. If you order 20 COMPK1's you will get pre bagged parts
  • each bag will contain
  • 1 - Top,
  • 1 - 1" Collar,
  • 1 - ¾" Collar,
  • 1 - ½" Collar,
  • 1 - Spring,
  • 1 - Drive Disk 1

each bag is printed with fitting instructions.

General fitting


Select Collar that fits valve body.

Ensure drive disk fits the valve spindle, file spindle if necessary.

Place disk inside cap and push fully home on to drive pegs.

Drop spring into top.

Push in chosen Collar.

Position cap over spindle and rotate until disk engages.

Gently tap the top of the cap down until firmly seated.


Fit as above but do not fit a drive disk.

Should you encounter any problems please don't hesitate to contact us.